Short specialisation degrees

Our Second-level Short Specialisation degrees is a university qualification which can be taken on completion of a specialisation degree and involves at least one year of study and 60 learning credits. Additional requirements may be necessary for admission. The goal of a Second-level Short Specialisation degrees is to supply professional skills on the basis of previously acquired knowledge.

Second-level Short Specialisation degrees proposal A.A. 2018/19

Second-level Short Specialisation degrees registration for a given academic year generally opens in june and closes at the end of the following September.  Lessons take place over the whole of the calendar year on the basis of an activity schedule sent by the Second-level Short Specialisation officer to all registered students. Second-level Short Specialisation can involve front-of-class lessons at DiSSGeA centres, distance learning involving the use of e-learning platforms for online learning, the sharing of teaching materials and homework.

Second-level Short Specialisation IN CONSERVATION, MANAGEMENT AND ENHANCEMENT OF THE INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE - MPI (the website is in Italian) - a.a.2018/2019 applications (deadline: link)


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