Regional Landscape Observatory

On the 2nd of October 2012 Padua University signed a protocol for the purposes of taking part in the work of the Scientific Committee of the Regional Landscape Observatory (Osservatorio regionale per il Paesaggio).

Scientific Contact: Prof. Mauro Varotto, Department of History, Geography and the Ancient World - Geography Section.

Regional Landscape Observatory - Veneto Region

The objective of the Landscape Observatory is to promote the safeguarding, management and revitalisation of the Veneto landscape and the integration of the landscape into area, urban and sector planning policy and cultural, environmental, agricultural, social and economic policies as well as other policies potentially impacting directly or indirectly on the landscape (consult website).

Network of Local Landscape Observatories - Veneto Region - Regione Veneto (Rete degli Osservatori locali per il Paesaggio)

The activation of local structures is not required by state (Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code) or regional laws (Regional Law 10/2011).

However in regulating the role of the National Observatory, Article 3, subsection 1, paragraph a) of the Ministerial Decree of 25th September 2008 also proposes that the network of ministerial, regional and local structures should supply data to the Observatory thereby de facto recognising the importance of a network of structures at the local level too. The Veneto Region has also recognised the importance of such a network, activating experimental local landscape observatories in regional council resolution no. 826 dating to 15th May 2012 and promoting a regional network of landscape observatories including experimental observatories (activated with Regional Decree no. 826/2012) in regional council resolution no. 118 dating to 11th February 2013 as well as all other local observatories requesting them subject to acceptance of a specific memorandum of understanding (consult website).