Eventi, seminari e convegni

Master’s degree in Local Development: Seminars, workshops & extra activities a.a. 2023/24 - 1st semester

Didactic seminars and workshops

Aula AIS 2, Palazzo del Capitanio, 18/10/2023, h. 14.30
Translocal development and global mobilities. Research possibilities and challenges. Kei Otsuki (Utrecht University).

Aula AIS 2, Palazzo del Capitanio, 25/10/2023, h.14.30
Mobile lifestyles: challenges and approaches. The experience of the Mobile Lives Forum
. Agathe Lefoulon (Forum des Vies Mobiles).

Aula AIS2, Palazzo del Capitanio
Collective and critical mapping (Seminar series)
. Kollektiv Orangotango (Tuline Gülgönen & Paul Schhweizer):

Aula AIS 2, Palazzo del Capitanio, 2-3/11/2023, h. 10.30
Lecture and Workshop: Where is the South? Ruben Gonzalez Vicente (University of Birmingham).

Aula AIS 2, Palazzo del Capitanio, 16/11/2023, h. 10.30-12:00
Territory and Space in Latin American Geography. Diana Vela Almeida (Utrecht University).

Aula AIS 2, Palazzo del Capitanio, 6/12/2023, h. 16.30-18:30
Exploring accessibility through GIS techniques. Beatrice Walegwha (Dalarna and MidSweden University), Antonia Von Buttler (University of Padua).

Extra activities

Practical GIS Projects for Local Development, with Leonardo Mora (starting date: 23/10/2023)
This lab is open to students in the 1st year only. Please address the instructors (leonardo.mora@phd.unipd.it and silvia.piovan@unipd.it) for further information.

Active learning goes mobile: videomaking as a mobile methodology, with Giovanna Volpi (starting date: 08/11/2023)
Please address chiara.rabbiosi@unipd.it for further information.

Textual Analysis with Iramuteq, with Valentina Rizzoli (starting date: 08/01/2024).
Please address master.localdevelopment@unipd.it for further information.