Offices at the Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World is organized according to the following chart.


Department Administrative Executive Officer

Elisabetta Maritan

Department Secretariat

Director's Secretariat and Human Resources
Caterina Bonetto
Valentina Turatto

Department Centres Administrative Offices
Gerardo Imperato

Porters Office
Lina Carpanese
Monica Garbo
Laura Pastorio

Accounting Office

Gloria Bregoli
Mariagrazia Dainese
Matteo Mignoll

Scientific Office

National Research
Roberto Galati
Gabriele Trevisan

International Relations and Research
Gianluca Marchiori

Teaching Courses Administrative Office

First and Second Cycle Degrees (Bachelor and Master Degrees)
Luisa Masiello
Federica Pellizzaro

Erasmus Mundus Master Degrees
Raffaella Masè
Edgar Serrano

Short Master Degrees
Daniele Aprile

Didactic programmation
Coralba Cappellato

Doctorate Aministrative Office
Elisabetta Traniello

ICT Services

Luigi Lovat
Lorenzo Zanetti


Francesco Ferrarese

Museum of geography

Giovanni Donadelli