International Mobility - Scholars

The full list of initiatives supporting the outgoing and incoming mobility of teaching staff and researchers is available on the appropriate section of the university website.



Erasmus + Teaching Staff Mobility 
For the University of Padova teaching staff, the Erasmus+ Programme makes mobility bursaries available for teaching periods at Higher Education Institutions in Countries taking part in the initiative on condition that a specific relevant bilateral agreement has been drawn up.
Bursaries can be accessed by taking part in selections managed by the International Office and published on a specific section of the University website.
for further information : International Dissgea


DiSSGeA Visiting Scholar Programme 

The DiSSGeA welcomes scholars and researchers who wish to visit the Deparment into its Visiting Scholars Programme each year. The Visiting Scholar Programme is aimed at scholars in established posts in other universities or similar academic institutions who are on study leave. Visiting Scholars will normally come for a minimum of one month to a maximum of one year.

Visiting Scholars are granted access to the University's Library facilities and can attend lectures and seminars organised by the Department. We are not in a position to offer an office or telephone line, nor secretarial services. They can be supervised by an Academic in the Department. Visiting Scholars may use the University's computing network for e-mail, internet access and access to the various packages and databases for which the Department holds licenses. Printing facilities are also available, but these must be paid for separately. Visiting Scholars are also entitled to membership of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Mobility and the Humanities and the Digital Laboratory for Mobility Research (MOBILAB)

Applications are considered throughout the year and should be addressed to the Department International Research Office ( Applications should include:

1. A completed application form;

2. Curriculum Vitae;

3. Copy of ID/Passport;

4. An official document of the Home Institution authorizing the visiting period at Dept. DiSSGeA.

The application will be evaluated by the Departmental Research Committee. In case of a successful evaluation, the Visiting Scholar will receive an official letter of invitation signed by the Head of Department.

 Erasmus Mundus Visiting Scholars

In the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects - which funds projects in support of individual mobility to/from foreign countries in study bursaries for students, doctoral candidates, researchers and teaching staff - which the University of Padova takes part in, applications can be made for mobility bursaries for the purposes of periods of activity at one of the individual initiative partner universities.

The projects relate to specific groups of Countries (called lots) comprising a varied number of destination universities each. Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects are an opportunity for the University to welcome visiting scholars and students who have passed selection procedures and are hosted at the Department considered most relevant to the research subject matter proposed and assigned a reference teacher.


Bilateral Agreement Exchanges | Scambi nell'ambito di Accordi Bilaterali
In line with available funds, the University of Padova supports the mobility of its teaching staff and researchers every year in the framework of bilateral agreements with its international partner Universities. To apply for such funds (normally travel and board and lodging expenses are covered for a period which varies from partner to partner by the destination University) applicants must submit:

1. A filled in and signed application form;

2. An invitation letter from the foreign host professor/researcher (invitations sent by email are accepted);

3. Details of the planned research/teaching/education project.

Applications showing clear and well documented benefits for the University of Padova and the potential for co-funding from external bodies are considered. For more information on the candidacy process and a list of partner Universities visit the Project page on the University website ( link). For each year, the mobility period must be completed by the 31st of December.


University Co-operation Initiatives  | Iniziative di cooperazione
Every year, the University of Padova awards mobility bursaries to professors, researchers and technical-administrative staff for the purposes of setting up University co-operation initiatives taking concrete form in teaching activities on specific themes, expertise transfers in specific sectors or capacity building, mobility and research planning procedure and implementation and accounting for mobility and research (for technical-administrative staff). Accepted destinations are normally University institutes with seats in non-European Countries (specified in the selection process).